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Fit in a Year!

Is getting healthy and fit one of your goals for the New Year? Then you won't want to miss an issue of the On the Gay Horizon newsletter.

Each week of 2009, we will present you with one small thing you can do that week to bring you closer to your goal of good health and well-being. 

And if you take us up on it, by this time next year, you will have made nearly 52 changes to your life, and hopefully to the way you feel about your life.  And you will have absorbed the changes the easiest way possible --- gradually.

We'll present you with ideas about modifying your eating habits and your movement habits to help you align your actions with your goal.

So, watch this space for more easy, health-making ideas this coming year.  2009 brings us a new administration, a new economy, a new foreign policy --- let's make it the year for a new personal policy as well.

Let's hit the year healthy, and hit it hard!  


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